SoundCloud Launches Major Redesign, Tighter Facebook Integration

SoundCloud is a favorite audio platform among millions of users and has launched a major redesign. The new design was in private beta testing for several months and is now live for everyone.

The interface is much cleaner and the navigation has been simplified from five navigation buttons down to two. Search is also more prominent and you can get a quick glance at your latest activities and messages from the navigation bar.

With the redesign, SoundCloud users can listen to audio directly from the Explore page and easily skip through tracks. If you’re listening to something and happen to leave the page, the audio will continue playing.

Once a track ends, it starts playing the next one in a user’s audio stream. A new feature called Sets is essentially user created playlists that play as a single file.

To increase engagement, SoundCloud has become more social with tighter Facebook integration. You can sign in with your Facebook account and the service will analyze your likes to figure out what kind of music or podcasts to display.

Similar to Tumblr, a new “Repost” button allows users to share tracks to their profile for followers to see. From the official press release:

“There’s no other platform out there that lets everyone get so close to such a diverse community of music and audio creators,” said Alexander Ljung, founder and CEO of SoundCloud. “From today, ‘Next’ is now simply SoundCloud. It’s a platform for people to discover new, original music and audio, for creators to build audiences, and for everyone to share what they hear whether online or on mobile.”

“Everything’s new: much more than an aesthetic redesign, the latest SoundCloud is a state-of-the-art, re-engineered platform that feels so different from before and offers an even better music and audio experience,” said Eric Wahlforss, founder and CTO. “Our passionate community’s feedback during the beta has gotten us to where we are today: ready to turn on the new SoundCloud for everyone.”

To check out the new and improved SoundCloud for yourself, head over here.

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