Yahoo Acquires Live Video Chat Service OnTheAir


Yahoo has acquired OnTheAir, a video chat service that’s free to use and allows users to ask questions on video during live broadcasts. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Launched into private beta back in March 2012, the service is very reminiscent of Spreecast which has similar functionality.

For now, the service has been shut down. According to Internet analyst Greg Sterling, Yahoo has acquired OnTheAir for their talent. Their team features ex-employees of Google, Apple, and instant messaging service Meebo.

From OnTheAir’s website:

“While we haven’t yet attained our dream of building a widespread daily use product, we are just as committed to it. And this is why we’re so excited to be joining Yahoo!. When we first met with the team at Yahoo!, it was clear that everybody there is committed to making mobile products the backbone for the world’s daily habits. All in all, it’s a fascinating time to be joining Yahoo!. There’s a tremendous amount of energy in the company. There are big things to be done and great products to be built, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

During Yahoo’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Marrisa Mayer said that the company would continue focusing on mobile and acquiring companies for their talent.

On Monday, Yahoo announced plans to ditch public chat groups in their Messenger service.

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