Hilarious: Puppy’s Escape Attempt Backfires [video]

This puppy thought he found a flaw in the system, but it turns out he’s a little too hefty to make it work.

tto a puppy, a simple room blocked off by a baby gate might seem like Alcatraz. But if there’s anything to be learned from the real Alcatraz, it’s that there will always be those desperate enough to try and escape, and some will even succeed.

This puppy did not succeed. Well, that isn’t entirely fair both he and his companion do make it out in the end, but you can’t help but feel his escape attempt didn’t go according to plan. In one of our favorite viral videos this week, a young dog tries to squeeze his way though a baby gate set up to keep him put.

Check it out, and watch until the end:

The video, titled “How not to escape”, was uploaded to YouTube on July 15th, and posted to Reddit’s /r/videos early this morning. We especially like the reaction of his fellow pup, who doesn’t get involved in the escape attempt but definitely takes advantage of the situation when the gate goes down.

What makes some puppies so desperate to be free? The website Paws.org says most dogs try to escape for one of four reasons: social isolation/frustration, sexual roaming, fears or phobias, and separation anxiety.

The last reason is perhaps the most common. It occurs when dogs experience stress and a feeling of abandonment when their owners leave them alone. Puppies are especially likely to suffer from this anxiety, so extra care should be taken to ensure they’re praised for remaining calm when left alone. In addition, dog owners should be sure their home is escape proof if their pet has separation anxiety problems. After escaping, they’re not likely to find you and will probably end up getting lost.

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