Tech and Fried Chicken: KFC Introduces The ‘Memories Bucket’ [Video]

KFC bucket

KFC is known for their famous buckets of fried chicken. Their newest product takes the bucket to a whole different level. The Yum! brand restaurant is taking your fried chicken binge into the tech world.

As part of KFC’s 60th anniversary in Canada, the fast food chain is introduced the ‘Memories Bucket’. The memories bucket is a bluetooth-enabled bucket that allows the chicken-eater to print photos from their smartphone. Does anyone need to take photos to remember stuffing their face with delicious greasy fried chicken? Fortunately, we don’t have to. It seems KFC only invented the item for promotional purposes, not for the public use… yet.

Check it out.

The Yum! brand restaurants are no stranger to crazy fast food innovations. Taco Bell is turning biscuits into tacos and cereal into pastries. Pizza Hut created the ‘Blockbuster Box,’ a pizza box that turns into a movie projector. So, now we have printer-equipped fried chicken buckets. Time to step up your game. We’re looking at you, McDonalds.

We can only imagine what is next…

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