Women’s Hilarious Parking Attempt Caught On Tape [Video]


Some women are horrible drivers. (DISCLAIMER: As a woman, I can say that.)

This latest viral video shows two women attempting to park a Mini. The video, uploaded by Glasgow Steph, shows the red Mini trying to park in various parking spaces with no avail.

Now, we can cut these women a little slack because there is a green learning sticker on the car, but still… really? 17 minutes and 6 attempts later, the women finally get it. At one point, the women even switch places.

Fortunately, no cars or people were harmed in this video. But, if these two women stay on the road, there could be some scary consequences.

This video has quickly gone viral. It was even picked up by Scotlands’ Worst Drivers. Viewers are appalled at the parking job and they are not afraid to leave their thoughts in the comments.

“Recommend she goes back and sits an extended driving test, clearly not capable of being on the roads full stop.”

We can only hope…

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