Stray Staffie Lands Police Job, Sniffs out £25,000 in Suspect Money

Stella the Staffie went from sniffing tennis balls to being hailed as a local hero, thanks to her keen nose and the twinkle in her eye.

Stella, being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, turned the misconceptions of her breed on their heads as she recently sniffed out a hidden stash of what amounted to £25,000 in crime money.

Back in 2013, the pup was found as a stray dog forced to seek sustenance and shelter on the cold streets of Taunton, Sommerset. Stella breed made her to be an unlikely candidate for a job as a search police dog, but the police were soon convinced after locals told them of her knack for sniffing out tennis balls.

The £25,000 sniff-out earned Stella much praise from her colleagues both human and canine in the force, as it became the biggest haul of the year.

Stella has served as a police dog for over a year now as a Drugs, Cash, Ammunition and Firearms Detection dog, and the she has never been happier protecting and serving her neighborhood.

Stella is often on the job, working the night shift with her human colleagues, keeping homes safe.

Other times, she likes hanging out with her other

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