Simon Pegg Wants You For Star Trek

Yes, you read that right. Simon Pegg wants you — YOU! — to join him on a quest to boldly go where no man has gone before.

You. Yes, you. And you. and specially that guy over there.

Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, and the entire cast and crew are cordially inviting you to hang out with them on the set and behind the scenes of the epic sci-fi movie Star Trek Beyond. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime offer, and this time, they’re choosing not just one, nor two, nor three, but six extremely lucky winners to hang tight with them!

That could be you sitting in the captain's seat,taking epic selfies with everyone.
That could be you sitting in the captain’s seat,taking epic selfies with everyone.

As a winner, you’ll be flown in right to Vancouver and out up in a lush 4-star hotel. you’ll also join the cast behind the scenes, and watch the movie-making magic come to life right on set. You’ll get an extra-special tour of the workshop and get an exclusive experience seeing how the props, creatures, and other sci-fi effects happen right in front of you. there’s also much swag to be had — fantastic t-shirts, exclusive set memorabilia, signed concept art, tickets to the advanced pre-screening of Star trek Beyond, and — who knows, you might even get to bring home a replica of the Captain’s chair! He-yo!

The best part is, this is all for a number of very good causes. Proceeds from this contest will be split evenly among nine causes nominated by the cast of Star Trek Beyond. you’ll feel good knowing the money will go towards helping children with life-threatening illnesses, providing relief goods to people in need, and advancing research to search for cures to dangerous illnesses. All this, and more, courtesy of

Hurry! The second winner will be chosen in two days from now, so make it count!

Watch the promo video here:

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