Sharknado 3: Twitter Decides #AprilDies

Twitter was asked to decide the Sharknado character’s fate. So far, it’s not looking good for Tara Reid’s character. 

aamidst all the chaos—Sharkicaines, Presidential portrait surfing, Frankie Muniz, a literal pool shark, and of course, the Golden Order of the Chainsaw—the most shocking moment of last night’s Sharknado 3 premiere came when Tara Reid’s April was seemingly crushed under a big chunk of space shuttle debris. Twitter users were asked to decide her fate with #AprilLives or #AprilDies. So far, it’s looking like April will join the mounting pile of shark mutilated bodies, along with the likes of Al Roker, Jerry Springer, and George R.R. Martin.

George R.R. Martin finally gets what was coming to him.
George R.R. Martin finally gets what was coming to him.

Want proof? Of course you do. You’re a Sharknado fan, one of the most scientifically-minded groups of people out there. Take a look at the numbers for yourself:



In our selected sample of 1500 tweets, the hashtag #AprilLives has thus far lagged behind #AprilDies in original tweets, meaning more people are demanding she die. It appears the #AprilLives camp might be more vocal, however, as they’re leading in message tweets and retweets.

Sorry, April. Sharks aren't the only species that wants you dead.
Sorry, April. Sharks aren’t the only species that wants you dead.


It’s unclear what SyFy’s criteria is for determining the outcome. However, if the contest is to be decided by a popular vote, say goodbye to Tara Reid. Or at the very least, say goodbye to her character as we know her.

The Sharknado films only exist to outdo each other in outlandish awesomeness, so there’s a fair possibility she’ll be resurrected as some kind of shark-fighting robot. We’ll call her MechaApril, and she’ll have chainsaws for arms. Or maybe she could shoot laser chainsaws from her eyes, or something. Who cares? You’ll watch it.

MechaApril concept art.
MechaApril concept art.

What do you think? Is April’s fate already sealed? Perhaps it isn’t too late to rally all the April fans together and undo the verdict rendered by the bloodthirsty sharks on Twitter.

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