Guys Create ‘Tender’, Basically A Tinder For Food

Swipe left. Swipe right. Find the love meal of your life. That’s the idea behind ‘Tender’, a Tinder for food.

Tender was created by three friends, Jordan Homan, Necco Ceresani, and David Blumenfield, who bonded over great food. The guys love to enjoy great food and with the success of Tinder and similar matching apps, they invented Tender.

Tinder of food

“As a twenty-something, we are all constantly combating the impulse to just eat-out or pick something up,” Homan told “But Tender gets you psyched about the prospect of making food, and it makes it easy to do so.”

Not only does Tender give you great pictures of dishes, it also gives the user the corresponding recipe. It even allows the user to save recipes in a “cookbook” option.

The process is simple. The user browses pictures of dishes, drinks and desserts. Swiping left will discard the recipe and display a new one. Just like Tinder. If the user swipes right, the recipe will be saved for later use in their “cookbook.” There are even filters for certain ingredients or cuisine.

The creators say the app helps people discover new food and flavors.

“How often do you really think, ‘God, I could go for Indonesian tonight?’” Homan said. “But when you get smacked in the face with a picture that looks so appetizing it is hard to say no to at least giving it a try.”

Great food is way better than a great date. Right?

The creators also say there are many improvements headed to the app, such as more filters. Tender is quickly gaining users and the future looks quite tasty.

“Think millennial parent-grandparent age group,” he says. “There are a lot of tech-savvy older folks out there who are just as into food so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise. In any event though, we figure everyone’s gotta eat, so that has to be worth something.”

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