Bouncy Sphynx Kittens “Help” Make Bed [Video]

Veterinarian Vanda Santos is one happy cat mama. She’s found herself with a litter of healthy sphynx kittens who want nothing more than to spend every waking moment playing with her and helping her around the house. These babies are just too adorable for their own good, and sometimes trying to get things done around can be something of an endless, yet hilarious chore.

Watch the video below:

“Every time I make the bed, it’s a party for them,” Santos says. “It’s OK, though, because I love to see them playing around. I work for them, you could say. But they’ve brought so much joy to my family, it’s a pleasure to work for them.”

The Sphynx cat, though it may look strikingly hairless, is not totally devoid of hair. A healthy sphynx actually has a fine layer of down on its skin, giving it the texture of silky-smooth chamois, or a warm, fuzzy peach. Their lack of hair helps them regulate their own temperature, and seek out warmer spaces in a home when it gets too cold. In those respects, if it’s too cold or too warm for you, It’s probably too cold or warm for your sphynx cat, too.

sphynx-amazing3Shynx cats are sweet and playful by nature. They’ll gaze at you with those big warm eyes, often with extra wrinkling around the brows that make their looks seem to ask “Hey, are you okay, my human? Like really okay?”They’ll sometimes play silly antics, prank you, or get clumsy just to get your attention and affection.

Sphynx cats are also ideal for people who yearn to have one in the house but are allergic to feline dander. This breed plays well with dogs, and other breeds of cats, too. (What? They do think you’re a cat too, albeit a big, clumsy one, but hey, no one’s perfect.) Give your sphynx cat a proper diet, regular bathing, and lots of hugs and kisses, and you’ll have a cat that will love you back with every bit of its heart.

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