#WorldEmojiDay: Are You Celebrating?


Happy #WorldEmojiDay.

So, what is so special about today in the world of emojis? Well, today is the day that is displayed on the emoji calendar.

That’s right, July 17.

But, wait before you get all excited. This day is only going to make sense to Apple iPhone users. Android users don’t have the same emoji. All they get is a boring old calendar view emoji.

It gets even more confusing when you log in to Twitter. The social media giant celebrates the emoji on July 15, because their calendar emoji shows the July 15 date.

Despite the confusion, Android was still a good sport.

But, back to the point, #WorldEmojiDay quickly started trending on social media. People really love their emojis. Millions of people and companies showed their support.

Even Mulder and Sculder are celebrating.

The Royal ballet

Even the Hoff was hassled by #WorldWmojiDay

With millions celebrating those tiny emojis, we want to know what’s your favorite emoji? Tweet us @SocialNewDaily and let us know!

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