Professional Videographer Makes Epic Video to Sell His BMW

ATLANTA, Georgia (SND) — When you have a skill, use it. Rett Thompson of Atlanta, Georgia used his skills as a professional videographer to sell off his 2010 BMW, and the results are pretty impressive.

You can watch the two and a half minute clip below:

“So it really breaks my heart to sell this car, but I don’t drive much any more. This is a 2010 BMW 135i, and it’s the M sport package. It’s only got 38,000 miles on it. And honestly, this is the closest thing to my dream car I could ever own. I really loved the BMW 1m, that was my dream car, and this thing has so many extras and is so close to that car for less than half the price. This is a real driver’s car. I had to search everywhere to find this in a manual, and I’m so glad I did because this transmission is awesome. And it’s the most fun car I’ve ever had, it’s the most luxurious car I’ve ever had. When you put your foot down, it just goes. This is the best car that I’ve ever owned. I know it’s not a spacious car, but for a sports car it really does have a lot of space. I’m able to put the back seats down, put film gear in, get my golf clubs in—you really don’t find that in a sports car.”

Beats a classified ad any day, right? Thompson listed the car at $23,500 or best offer. According to his website, his production company offers “full service video production, specializing in producing music videos and filming live band performances.” He’s worked with artists like Justin Bieber, The Fray, and Paper Tongues.

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