Company Creates The ‘Tinder’ Of Job Search Apps

Switch: Tinder for jobs

Swipe left or swipe right. No, you aren’t looking for your perfect Tinder match, just the right job.

Switch is a new app that is changing the job process. Job seekers and employers can look through potential results. Swiping to like or swiping to ignore. If both the job seeker and the employee are interested, a match is made. An interview is set up and possibly it results in employment.

switch, the tinder of job apps

The app’s founders say they wanted to create an app that would help make the job seeking process easier. Instead of wading through a pile of resumes and applications, a person can simply browse what is out there.

With thousands of jobs at the user’s fingertips, 6ABC reports that many are finding success, like Joe Graham.

“Joe Graham says he found his job at San Jose-based eBay using Switch. “I didn’t have to deal with any recruiters or middle people. I went straight to the hiring manager. He had a keen grasp of the type of candidate he was looking for and it was just a very smooth dialogue,” he said.”

Plus, with the popularity of Tinder, it seems people find it much easier to use a swipe to make big life decisions.

Switch is currently available in the Apple App Store.

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