Foursquare Connected Rager App Helps Plan Your Night Out

Rager App Guide

The new Foursquare connected Rager app will help you plan your own unique night out based on check ins from your friends and suggestions by the app’s maker, The Barbarian Group.

Rager helps you out once you’ve connected the app and checked into a bar, offering a unique set of results. The app will first suggest another bar to go to, based on the places your friends have been.

Depending on your plans for the night, the app can continue to suggest places to go for drinks based both on your friends’ check ins and suggestions from The Barbarian Group (if they have added any to your city yet). The Rager app also gives you the option of taking a quick break from drinking to load up on carbs (pizza, anyone?).

Chris Thompson writes about the new app for About Foursquare, saying:

“It’s a useful tool for helping to figure out what you’re going to do next and a fun way for The Barbarian Group to get their name out to the Foursquare-using public.”

At the end of the night, the app also kindly offers to call an Uber on your behalf, ending the need to set up a designated driver.

Rager App Guide

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