Houston Police Offer To Watch Homes For Free

Summertime is a great time for families to pack up and set out on extended vacations to more laid-back locales and a ton of summer fun. However, being away means leaving your home empty, which makes it quite a temptation to thieves and other mischief-makers.

The Houston Police Department understands this, and has announced they now offer a service to send a police officer to check on your homes and do the rounds while you and yours are away.

The brand-new service, called AlertSlip, can be requested down at any Houston, Texas police station in person, with a phone call, or via the HPD website. (In fact,you can request for the service right now just by clicking here.)

“I would like officers to come out at nighttime, in the evening, and in the morning and just ride by, make sure there’s no criminal activity going on, make sure no windows are broken,” said officer Jeremy Lahar, in charge of HPD public affairs. “This can be a way to deal with prowlers, speeding vehicles around school zones, increased burglaries and theft in the area, solicitors or loiterers at a business or just if they’re going on vacation.”

Many residents in the area are unaware of the service, and spreading the news through the neighborhood would be a good way for neighbors to help each other and watch each other’s backs. Police officers assigned will also make doing their home rounds top priority, specially during the night. “It’s handed out at roll calls to specific officers and they say, ‘Make sure you get to this.’ ” Lahar said.” You have to document the times that you go by, multiple times during a shift, just to show that you did the Alert Slip.”

Now, in the event (and knock on wood it should ever happen) that the police fail to watch your home, of course that are other means of keeping potential thieves and break-ins at bay.


Though not ones we’d really recommend.

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