Controversial Artist Arrested At The Eiffel Tower After Naked Selfies

naked selfies

A unique Swiss artist is in hot water after offering naked selfies at the Eiffel Tower. Milo Moiré is known for her body art and naked stunts. Her latest art project had her offering selfies with passerbys and tourists at the famous Paris landmark. Just one important detail: she was completely naked.

The 31-year-old artist was approached by police and told to put on her clothes. Her ‘naked selfie’ art show landed her in a Paris jail for one night.

Public nudity is not taken very lightly in Paris. In fact, it can hold a penalty of a year in jail and a £10,600 fine. Sometimes there are exceptions made for artists and performers. That leaves some to speculate that French police don’t believe Moire to be a serious artist.

Her manager Peter Palm was present at the arrest and said: “She was taken into custody, had her rights read to her, fingerprints taken, photographed and detained in a cell.”

France may of been uptight over her performance, but other countries have been much more lax on her nude performances. In fact, she recently did the same stunt in Switzerland and did not have one problem with law enforcement.

Moire is not stranger to shock. She once did an art installment that involved her crushing paint-filled egg with her genitals onto a canvas.

Anything for the sake of art.

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