One Guy, Two Guitars: Amazing Sweet Child O’ Mine Cover [Video]

Some people have trouble patting their heads and rubbing their stomachs at the same time. Up-and-coming Italian guitar player Luca Stricagnoli can do something most of us have a hard time imagining: tap out a pitch-perfect and harmonically beautiful cover of Guns n Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with not one, but two guitars—simultaneously.

Yesterday, he uploaded a video of the cover song to YouTube. It demonstrates Luca’s precise timing and coordination—fusing multiple, disparate guitar techniques into a flawless acoustic take on the classic hard rock single.

Luca has just completed work on his first full-length album with CandyRat records, titled simply: Luca Stricagnoli. Their website offers this brief bio of the Italian-born musician:

“Luca was born in 1991 in Varese, Italy. Since he was a young boy he’s been naturally talented with the guitar. He began studying classical guitar at ten but shortly after decided to quit for a long period. He later picked up where he left off and taught himself new techniques, which he then perfected and developed his personal original styles, that include unconventional guitar techniques in addition to other instruments. Luca has won many talent shows and competitions. Today at the age of 22, Luca plays Serracini Guitars and is working on his debut album with Candyrat Records.”

Reaction online has been enormously positive as the video picks up traction. The cover is likely to go viral over the next few days. One YouTube commenter remarked on the number of different techniques and styles Luca incorporated into a single performance:

Luca Stricagnoli - Sweet Child O' Mine


Luca’s last cover, AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, has garnered over three million views on YouTube. Like the Guns n Roses cover, it showcases his mastery of tapping, a technique that relies on “hammer-ons” and “hammer-offs” on the fret-board to produce notes.

Luca’s debut album is currently available for sale at CandyRat’s website. The Sweet Child O’ Mine cover is listed as track ten.

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