Girl Extracts Tooth Archer Style [Video]

Most of us as kids were told the story of the tooth fairy we noticed one tooth began behaving weirdly than the rest of them. Our fol would tell us how an unseen benevolent fey mother figure would slip us a bit of pocket money in exchange for the errant tooth, and it would be cause for great celebration in the household.

eleven-year-old Alexis Davidson, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered to wait for the Tooth Fairy, and took matters in her own hands. How? With a slingbow, and a lot of bad-ass, can-do attitude.

Her father Jason McDonald, ho runs an alligator farm called Gator Wrestler, documented the event as she drew her bow and aimed at a nearby target on the ground in their backyard in Aurora, Colorado. “We were trying to think of a neat way to help her pull her last few remaining baby teeth,” he shares. “Alexis is a special kid, she does a lot of crazy stuff with me, like walking the slack line over a pool of alligators. I never push her to do anything, but I do encourage her, any time you get the chance to be the first ever to do something, I think you should take that chance.”

Watch Alex’s own Olympic attempt at dentristy below:

A few months ago, Olympian decathlete champion Bryan Clay showed the internet one of the best ways to use your javelins once you’ve retired — by giving it a perfect throw to extract a wobbly tooth. His daughter Ellie shone victorious with less a wobbly tooth and asked for a drink of water like it was absolutely no big deal.

Congrats, Alex! What a way to go!


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