A Sexperiment: Men Are Given A Menstrual Cup And Have No Clue What It Is [Video]

Menstrual cup

It’s no secret that men are clueless when it comes to women’s periods. The furthest they know is to give the special woman in their life chocolate when it is that time of the month. So, the video we are about to share with you is a pretty good example of that.

Produced and uploaded by sex comedy channel, LOLPervs, the video shows a group of men’s reaction after they are given a menstrual cup. They are asked what they think it is and they have some pretty crazy guesses. Some guess it is breastfeeding or maybe cake making. Hey, maybe it is too help woman pee like men.

These poor guys are clueless.

For those wondering, the menstrual cup is Lily Cup Compact by Intimina. Intimina has created an entire line of personal hygiene products, including several different types of menstrual cups.

Now, menstrual cups have been around for a while, but they are just now started to get more attention. Many don’t understand how they work. In fact, I was clueless before I saw this video. So, let me enlighten you. The cup is inserted into the vagina and fits perfectly in the cervix. It can be worn for 12 hours or until full (sorry, a little gross). It is removed by finding the stem and breaking the suction. It can then be emptied and cleaned in the nearest sink. OK, I’m a female and I just kinda threw up in my mouth a little. But hey, to each his own (or her own.)

In case you were wondering, the men who were in the video were Mike Carrozza, Leoh Ng, Dave Murrin and Matt Pins.

Intimina’s products are available on their website and other retailers, such as CVS.


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