Social Media Jobs for June 30, 2015


Good morning! Ready to tackle another day, and perhaps find a fabulous new opportunity? We’ve got some of the best social media positions freshly posted on our jobs page.

The power of social media probably isn’t news to you. In the US, it has played an increasingly large role in political campaigns. With the 2016 presidential seat up for grabs, candidates are trying to be as social as possible from laying out their platforms on YouTube to Snapchats of campaign events. Surprisingly, presidential candidate Donald Trump is apparently better at social media than his 2016 competitors, according to The Week. This is why, according to the article’s author Marc Ambinder:

“His id matches the id of the fora he chooses. There are two of them, actually: He uses Twitter and online videos. He ignores everything else, because he has no organic reason to be there. He is authentic. He tweets as he thinks, which is precisely the way that Twitter is supposed to work.”

But while he might be savvy online, his real world statements often leave something to be desired.

And it’s not just the politicos who may need some help becoming politically active on social; Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker wants to see America more involved in the conversation and has launched a social network for politics called Brigade. According to Politico author Nancy Scola:

“Parker said he’s been thinking about how technology can help better engage Americans in political life since about the time he started helping Mark Zuckerberg turn Facebook from a bare-bones website into the mammoth social platform it is now. Now he’s decided that the first step is getting people comfortable taking political stands online.”

Whether you plan to be politically active or passive in these coming months of rapid-fire campaigning, the social media should be fascinating to follow.


Social Media Content Producer / Copywriter Specialist at Media Connect in Pompano Beach, FL

Social Media Editor, MIMI at Time Inc in New York, NY

Social Media Specialist at UPS in Atlanta, GA

Social Media Editor at Medscape in New York, NY

Senior Social Media Marketing Manager at Publishers Clearing House in Port Washington, NY

Social Media Specialist at Sketchers in Manhattan Beach, CA

Social Media Expert at BMI Elite in Boca Raton, FL

Temporary Community Manager at Horizon Media in New York, NY

Social Media Co-ordinator at Sofaworks in Edge Green, Warrington

Social Media Specialist at Direct Auto Mall

Social Media Director at Seven Points Capital in New York, NY

Head of Social Media Intelligence at FTI Consulting in various US cities

Social Media/Public Relations Associate at Swimwear Anywhere Inc in Farmingdale, NY

Social Media Executive at Novation Solutions in Slough, UK




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