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YouTube is a great place to go to discover any type of video: entertaining, educational, funny, creative, you name it and YouTube has it. Here at Social News Daily, we love surfing YouTube for hidden gems. So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard about the YouTube Map Explorer. The awesome program helps you uncover videos from specific locations. All you have to do is click on the country, city or region you want to explore. The unofficial project is basically a giant map waiting for your clicks.

You can choose your search radius to a desired area. The only bad thing is that the videos are from random points of time and there is no option to select only recently watched or uploaded videos. This would of been an awesome feature to be able to see what is trending in specific parts of the world.

Anyways, the YouTube Map Explorer is still incredible and we can’t stop playing around with it. It also seems that the rest of the Internet is loving it too. In fact, it was the inspiration of its very own Reddit thread.

The comments were mostly about the strange videos that popped up in strange locations like the middle of the ocean. So, we decided to check it out and see what weird things we could find.


We clicked on Iran and were given a video of a karoake-version of “Part Of Your World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.


In the middle of the Tasman Sea, we were shown a strange rock music video that featured black and white footage of tribal dancing. Very weird.


The strangest trend we noticed was random Call of Duty video game clips that kept popping up in locations, such as Antartica or the middle of the ocean. On Reddit, the software developer shared that for some weird reason that was a trend.

It also seems that there are still bugs that need to be worked out. There are also some problems that will plague a project like this. For example, what is stopping someone from uploading a video with a bogus location.

All issues aside, the YouTube Map Explorer is a great tool to discover some interesting videos and waste some time. And we can all get behind an entertaining way to kill some time.

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