#AskELJAmes Goes Horribly Wrong, Read the Results

It was just a few weeks ago when #Grey drew tweeps far and wide to revel in and gawk at excerpts of EL James’ newest book, “Grey”. Now the author’s publicity team decided to give #AskELJames a go, because why not? What could possibly go wrong for a Q&A session with the millions of Twitter users for the author of the infamous (and widely adored, criticized, and parodied) “50 Shades of Grey”?

Pretty much a lot, actually.

With a zinger like that for an opener, that pretty much set the mood for the Q&A. the whole shebang went for a pell-mell downhill dive and a tumble of mish-mashed awkwardness and hilarity from there.

We wouldn’t even bet our car insurance on that.

We’re sure a host of kids on Tumblr and Fanfiction.net are up for the challenge.

So much shade thrown. The jig is up.


Paging Chuck Tingle in Aisle 4.

Pantone would probably know.

It’s probably just as awkward as this Q&A.

These last two tweets summarize the whole event better than we ever could.


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