Karma Caught on Tape at Confederate Flag Parade [Video]

Warning: This article contains language some may find offensive.

It’s a bad time to be a Duke boy. In the weeks following the racially-motivated Charleston massacre, activists across the United States have been working to get the Confederate flag, which they say represents racially insensitive attitudes, removed from public property. Politicians and members of the public across both political parties have supported its removal. Wal-Mart has even announced they will no longer sell Confederate flag merchandise.

Others claim the flag no longer represents anything racist, but is merely an artifact of Southern history – part of a heritage they’re proud to call their own. But no matter what your opinion of the contentious fabric pattern, surely we can all agree that organizing a “Confederate flag parade” in the midst of all the controversy is just going to fan the flames of racial tension – especially when the “parade” is merely a concession of pickup trucks with a few flagpoles mounted to the beds.

But that’s what one group of like-minded people did in the small Georgia town of Dalton. The parade drew the ire of one man, who decided to record the event and share it with the world. Little did he know, two of the drivers would be on the receiving end of a some good, old-fashioned karma. Watch his video ’till the end, and be warned: it contains some explicit language.

The video, first uploaded to Liveleak, was posted to reddit’s /r/videos late last night. The comments have been everything we’ve come to expect from the “front page of the Internet”: puns, irreverence, and general hilarity.






One user was expecting something a little more elaborate.

Reddit Comment


Here’s that infamous Top Gear clip, in case you’re curious:

Finally, one user provided some insight into the whole ordeal.


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