Jon Burgerman Turns Movie Posters Into Dramatic Scenes

Meet the man in the yellow coat, Jon Burgerman. This artist is turning movie posters in the Subway into the gory scenes they were meant to be. His collection of photos is part of his latest art project entitled, “Headshots.” We have to admit this is pretty clever.

Jon Burgerman

For the most part, his art creates a gory scene. Think lots of gunshot wounds, stabbings and other action film causes of death.

Jon Burgerman

The photographs have already began their rounds on the Internet and it has raised a question. Can advertising become art? Or vice versa, can art be advertising. It is actually a pretty interesting debate.

Now, recreating movie posters isn’t the only type of artwork Burgerman creates. He has tons of different types of art. In fact, the New York-based artists specializes in “doodle” art. His mixture of fine, urban and pop art have built him a reputation as an unique artist. He has won many awards and received high praise from many of his project.

You can check out all of Jon Burgerman’s work on his website,

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