iOS App Revenues Four Times Higher Than Google Play

iOS Apps Revenue Much Higher Than Google Play

iOS applications still earn four times as much for developers as apps offered on Android’s Google Play store, though Google is closing the gap.

The study was done by App Annie Intelligence, a mobile apps analytics company, which shows that iOS revenues have grown by 13 percent in 2012, while those for Google Play have more than tripled. Game publishers have also seen the most revenue growth on the Android app store.

LINE was one of the most lucrative apps for both platforms and Japan slightly edged the United States as the largest revenue generator on Google Play in September. The study also suggests that, because Apple’s App Store is a more mature business than Google Play and has less upside over time.

App Annie’s report reads:

“Much has been reported about Android’s sheer growth in smartphone distribution over the last year. However, the volume of global free downloads is still 10 percent greater on iOS than on Google Play. What is noteworthy though is the speed of Google Play’s catch-up. In the last fire months, it has closed the gap significantly by growing 48 percent compared to iOS’s 3.3 percent growth in the same time.”

The report questioned Google Play’s ability to maintain such a “lightning pace,” adding that the increase in app downloads for the Android store has “slowed considerably” in recent months.

For now, however, iOS App revenues reign supreme over those of Google Play.

Melissa Stusinski
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