Mother Rabbit Attacks Snake [Video]

cottontail rabbit

This mother rabbit will do anything to protect her babies. A newly uploaded YouTube video shows the eastern cottontail rabbit discovering a black snake preying on her babies. Without hesitation, the rabbit viciously attacks the predator.

The footage shows the snake trying to get away, but the rabbit continues to pull him back. Bite after bite, this momma is relentless. She even begins rolling on to her back to claw at the snake. Dana Krempels, a biologist at the University of Miami tells National Geographic that the mammal is trying to disembowel the intrusive amphibian.

Krempels also shared that rabbits are not timid little creatures. Especially mothers, the animals are extremely protective of babies.

It seems this video was shot somewhere in eastern U.S. and features the black racer snake. While this type of snake is non-venomous, it still constricts its prey to death. Unfortunately, this snake had already killed two of the young offspring.

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