Smartphones May Know Us Too Well, Thanks To Location-Based Apps [Infographic]

Location Based Apps

As wonderful as it may be for smartphones to let us check in anywhere or post a picture with a geo tag — or even an application to tell us the closest gas station, there could be a price for these conveniences.

Location-based apps are not only allowing our smartphones to know us better — they may soon know us a little too well. Imagine you’re walking down the street when your phone goes off. You answer it to see that an application is suggesting a local place to eat nearby that, while you’ve never been to before, fits your taste well.

The location tracking provided by many apps is not only convenient for the phone’s user, it is also convenient for marketers, who use the information they gather.

Our relationships with location-based apps will likely get more interesting as smartphones become more prevalent and mobile technology gets even more sophisticated.

An infographic presented by the education portal, which draws on information from multiple sources, including the Pew Research Center, shows just how much our smartphones can spy on us. It also shows the massive amount of personal information we give our smartphones.

In taking a look at the infographic, it is surprising to see just how much location-based apps can gather from the user and send to the application’s makers, as well as other marketing groups.

Infographic Smartphone Spying On You

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