Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Faces Victims at Death Sentencing

BOSTON, United States (SND) – Convicted domestic terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was formally sentenced to death in a Boston courtroom this morning. According to reporters and witnesses present for the sentencing, the twenty-two year old sat silently while victims and their families addressed him. He reportedly kept his head down, only glancing up occasionally as he sat facing the victims.

Karen McWatters, who lost a leg in one of the explosions set off by Tsarnaev and his now deceased brother, told Tsarnaev he would “die alone”.

Another source for the quote reads:

“You ruined so many lives that day […] your friends abandoned you […] you will die in prison alone.”

McWatters’ best friend, Krystle Campbell, was killed in the attack. She called on Tsarnaev to show remorse.

The sister of slain MIT officer Sean Collier laid into both Tsarnaev and aggressive members of news media who she says pestered her following her brother’s death. ‘The media have invaded our lives’, she reportedly said. ‘[They’ve] stalked us, made us hide from the world.’

She also says seeing Tsarnaev on television triggers panic attacks and PTSD.

Social News Daily briefly spoke with someone who says they knew Officer Collier personally. She says Collier “was willing to do anything, for anyone.”

“He would have been a good cop.” She adds. “And [he] was a good kid. Just sitting in his car.” We asked her if she had any words for Tsarnaev.

Collier was killed by the Tsarnaev brothers while sitting in his police cruiser. They were reportedly after his gun, which they failed to obtain. His death prompted 10,000 police officers to gather in an MIT athletic field to pay tribute to the fallen officer.

Pictured: Slain MIT officer Sean Collier.
Pictured: Slain MIT officer Sean Collier.

Bill Richards, whose 8 year old son was killed in the attack, and who has since spoken out against seeking the death penalty, spoke of choosing love, peace, and kindness over hate, death, and destruction. According to correspondent Paul Merrill, his statement read:

The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing was carried out by Dzhokhar and his deceased brother Tamerlan. The brothers set off two pressure-cooker bombs near the marathon’s finish line. The religiously motivated attack killed five people (excluding Tamerlan) and injured 280 others. Many of the victims lost limbs.

Pictured: Police and emergency workers at the scene of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.
Pictured: Police and emergency workers at the scene of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.


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