29% Watch TV And Use Facebook At The Same Time [Infographic]

Facebook has over one billion users and many have the social network open while watching TV, according to a new infographic put together by Socially Aware. 29 percent of Americans use the service while they watch TV.

The infographic covered multiple areas from time spent on social networks to the number of people who have a social media account.

When it comes to the average time visitors spend social networking each month, Facebook is number one at 6.75 hours per month. Tumblr and Pinterest are tied at 1.5 hours with Twitter at just 21 minutes. LinkedIn treads at 17 minutes while Google+ is far behind at three minutes.

Social networking use more than doubled from 2.7 hours per month in 2006 to 6.9 hours in 2011. Because of this, other areas have decreased.

  • Phone, email or snail mail: -0.9 hours
  • Socializing in person: -1.8 hours
  • Watching TV offline: -11.7 hours

Netflix customers spend around 10 hours per month watching videos. YouTube users spend three hours per month while Hulu users spend 2.5 hours per month. Thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, 61 percent of people watch TV while using the Internet.

18 percent of all time spent online is from social networking. 56 percent of people in the US have a social media account and 22 percent access their accounts at least several times per day. For a full look at the infographic, check it out below.

Mike Stenger

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