You Gotta See This Three-Year-Old’s Intense Motivational Speech [Video]

Motivational girl
[Photo credit: YouTube]

Someone was inspired by Shia LeBeouf’s recent motivational speech video.

This little girl delivers one of the most intense motivational speeches. “Just do it.” “Stop dreaming.” It seems her parents were inspired by LaBeouf’s latest art project. In the orignal video, LaBeouf is seen screaming motivational phrases in front of a green screen, just like this little girl.

LaBeouf’s art project was the brainchild of artist, Joshua Parker and was entitled “Introductions.”

But, this little girl puts LaBeouf to shame. The three-year-old is absolutely adorable and we would accept her life advice anytime. We would definitely trust her over LaBeouf any day.

This little girl, who appears to be named Olor, is no stranger to YouTube. In fact, she has her own channel called Questions for Olor. The videos are shot, produced and uploaded by her dad.

Uploaded just one day ago, the video has a little under 500 views, so go make this little girl’s day. JUST DO IT!

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