Tumblr Analytics Out Of Beta, Available Starting Today

Tumblr announced analytics would be coming soon at the beginning of October, and starting today, their partnership with Union Metrics is live. The service was in beta and over 150 companies helped test the platform.

Analytics are currently only available for business users, but are said to be available for personal users soon. Officially called Union Metrics for Tumblr, pricing isn’t exactly cheap. Costs start at $499 per month for basic and $999 per month for standard subscriptions.

If what either of those accounts provide are not enough, you’ll need to send an email to the company to request more help. Each account comes with a topic tracker (or more with the standard account) and blog trackers. You get five user accounts with the basic package and unlimited user accounts with the standard package.

What are topic or blog trackers?

  • A Topic Tracker can monitor any topic on Tumblr, based on a set of keywords, tags and source URLs. You can customize your search queries to make sure we’re finding exactly the posts you’re looking for.
  • A Blog Tracker can monitor any public blog on Tumblr. All you need is its URL. Monitor your own blog, your clients’ blogs, even your competitors’ blogs.

Union Metrics has full access to all data from Tumblr’s network. If you’re interested in learning more or signing up yourself, go here.

Tumblr experiences around 38,000 posts per minute and features a total of over 12 billion posts.

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