#GoodBandNameBadFirstDate Trending On Twitter


Oyoyoy, Twitter, you sure know how to split our seams. this week’s trending hashtag #GoodBandNameBadFirstDate has got us both laughing out loud and cringing mightily at the prospect of such a date happening. Thank goodness we’d never subject ourselves to such a date.

The game is pretty much just like it says on the tin: think of a really good band name that would be actually make a terrible date idea in concept. Sounds pretty simple, right? We’ll start off with a number of prime examples from the hashtag:

… Yeeeah, maybe not quite the impression you want to make for a second date.

Got it? Let’s rock.

How do you even pick a fork up with those?!

Noooo! Think of the doggies!

We’re either looking at a performance art piece, or… I got nothing.

I’ll need a restraining order for that…

.. and some ice for that burn.

Unless you’re Bella Swan or Mina Murray, I guess?

Your date + hi-speed blinking lights + an indoor stampede. This will not end well.


… that might be pretty cute, actually.

… Unless that’s actually your thing. Hey, no judgement.

A date with a suave, well-dressed gent who cooks like a god? Yes. Getting eaten in the end? No. Mental note: Don’t be rude. The rude get eaten.

… your mileage may vary.

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