Designer’s Super-chunky Knits Will Make You Ooh and Aah [Photos]


When we hear the word “knits, a good number of us instantly think of the words “warm”, “chunky”, “pullover“, maybe even “cables”.

Now, I want you to think of the words “knits” and “chunky”.

Done? Good. Now turn that idea up to eleven.

Ukraine-based Designer Anna Mo creates some of the comfiest, wooliest creations the Internet has ever seen. With a few enormous balls of sumptuous Australian merino wool yarn and her 40-millimeter knitting needles, she’s knitted and purled dozens of exquisite throws, blankets, hats, pillows, sweaters, all to be had at her Etsy shop, Ohhio.

Her Instagram account is filled with fantastic photographs of her creations. A lot of thought has been put into the shots, and their slate-grey simplicity brings out the lush colors and oh-so-soft visual feel of the wool.

-25% Only one blanket from stock. 58*58 inches in pink color. Ready for shipping. Old price $400.

A photo posted by Anna Mo. ( on

Perfect for a chilly winter or rainy day.



A photo posted by Anna Mo. ( on

The artist at work, inspecting her spun merino yarn.


Now imagine cozying up to someone you love under this lovely throw.


Four blue balls

A photo posted by Anna Mo. ( on

Even the balls of yarn are just absolutely splendid.


Cotton candy wool is just arrived. Can’t wait to start knit.

A photo posted by Anna Mo. ( on

The colors are immensely sumptuous.


Hat+cowl $100. One set is in stock. #ohhio

A photo posted by Anna Mo. ( on

Winter-proof yourself in total comfort.


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