Women Steal 131 Pairs Of Panties, Tells Facebook To Stop Talking About It

Panties Theft

People have been caught stealing some pretty weird things, but one Georgia woman really takes the cake… or the undergarments.

Julia Marie Jones was caught at a Jasper, Georgia Wal-Mart trying to steal 131 pairs of panties. She tried to hide the merchandise in her purse and shopping bags, but wasn’t able to make it to the exit without alerting employees. The almost-stolen panties were worth $749.95.

The 22-year-old was charged with felony theft by shoplifting and booked into the local county jail.

Jones was eventually released on bond, but has continued to refuse to talk about the incident. She has turned down all requests for media interviews. She has even gone as far as to warn people to stop talking about her story. She posted the lengthy status on her personal Facebook page.

Panties Theft

“If people could stop tagging me in what I do NOT want posted on Facebook for the world to see. That would be great. Before you jump to conclusions, you should all stop to consider there may be a reason behind what you’re tagging me in what happened.”

What in the world could be a good reason to steal more than a hundred pairs of panties? Seriously. Stealing from Wal-mart. #ClassyCriminal

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