Mom Leaves Kids In Hot Car To Go To Court For Leaving Kids In Hot Car

kids in hot car

Some people just don’t have common sense, do they? One Virginia woman is facing more charges of contributing to the delinquency or abuse of child after leaving her two kids in the car outside of a local courthouse. Here’s the kicker, she was there to go to court for a previous incident where she left her kids in the car.

Aged 6 and 1, the children were left in the hot car for about an hour, while Laquanda Newby went to court. A passerby alerted authorities that the children were in the parking lot.

“Had a citizen not alerted us to this, it’s a situation that would’ve turned out much differently,” Henrico Sheriff’s Capt. David Kinkle said.

Now this all went down on Monday, but Newby was there for an incident that originally happened on May 26. According to authorities, Newby left her children in the car while she went shopping at Sam’s. Once police arrived, Newby was already at her vehicle,so she couldn’t be arrested. The officer instead sought out a warrent, which Newby was turning herself into on Monday.

Despite temperatures in the 90’s, the kids were OK. Extremely sweaty, but still alive. The police took the children inside the courthouse for water and snacks until their father could pick them up. Newby has been booked into the local jail. #parentingfail

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