Facebook Stalkers Rejoice Over New Feature

Facebook Algorithm
[Photo credit: LAD Bible]

Facebook recently announced a new algorithm that will make it a little easy to be a social media creeper. The formula is based on how long users spend on certain profiles, posts, photos and comments. Facebook will then calculate the time spent and start pushing that kind of content to your feed.

The social media giant released a statement that explained the newest algorithm:
“Now you don’t even have to like, comment or share a post for Facebook to know that is what you’re interested in. In the past they’ve always concentrated on physical interactions but now it’s like they’re looking into your soul.There are times when, for example, people want to see information about a serious current event, but don’t necessarily want to like or comment on it.”

Some are saying this is Facebook’s answer to the dislike button. We don’t really understand how, but it is. Algorithms aren’t really our thing…

The new feature will start being rolled out during the next few weeks. So, get ready for some major Facebook creeping.

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