Facebook Mobile Page Ads Receive Big Redesign

Facebook Mobile Page Ads

Facebook is continually optimizing their mobile offering and is rolling out new mobile page ads featuring a new design. If you use the mobile app or mobile website, chances are you’ve seen “Pages you might like” before.

In the previous design, “Pages you might like” were stacked on top of one another and lacked detail. The two biggest problems were small images and no description. Now, with the new Facebook mobile page ads, it’s a night and day difference.

Instead of stacking recommendations on top of one another, they stand alone. Each ad features a cover photo with a description of the page. You can see which friend or friends like the page. A gray bar runs across the bottom of the ad with a prominent “Like” icon that says “Like This Page.”

News Feed Ad Product Manager, Jeff Kanter, hopes that users will take notice and engage more with the new design. Kanter also shared some insight on how the social network works on new ideas.

First, they test different experiences, Facebook mobile page ads for example, with employees first. Once feedback is given, they tweak, fix bugs, and have a very small roll-out to regular users.

This ensures users don’t experience any major flaws, since a complete roll-out could be a big mess. The new Facebook mobile page ads are currently rolling out to everyone.

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