Director Uwe Boll Says “F**k You All” And Quits Hollywood

Uwe Bolls

Many know Uwe Boll as the worst director in the world. He has financed, produced and directed many films, but he has had enough of Hollywood. Boll shared his thoughts and had quite the message. “F**k you all.”

In a series of rants posted to his YouTube channel, Boll explains about the failure to crowdsource the funds to make Rampage 3, another installment of his not-so-great action film franchise, based on a video game. The film couldn’t raise even half of its goal. Attempting to fundraise with both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, Boll finally decided he was done. He announced his departure to making films and Hollywood in general. Caution, he uses tons of offensive language. In fact, at times he sounds downright crazy.

“Basically, my message is f**k yourself,” Boll says. “Because that is so fucking absurd what retarded, amateur idiots collecting money on that absurd website.” [sic]

Really, it is our fault that he can’t raise enough money. But don’t worry, he explains he has made plenty of money off of us already. Or has he?

This second clip is yet another offensive language filled rant. Boll calls out films, such as Iron Man and Captain America. He calls out actors, such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney. He says all they care about is money. Hmm, sounds familar…

Oh, and the best part. He ends the second rant with a call to “kill the rich.” A bit ironic, because in the first clip he made it very clear that he has made enough money to “to play golf until I’m dead.”

Now, these angry rants are nothing new to his YouTube presence, so time will only tell if Boll is telling the truth and quitting Hollywood for good.

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