Tips For The Perfect Summer Road Trip This Year

If you can’t afford two weeks in Dubai for your holiday this year, you may be surprised at the choice available to you on your front door. All countries have their own beautiful areas and unique cultures that differ between regions. Touring around the UK, and stopping off at some of the most stunning places this country has to offer, is far more exciting than you might think. And when you consider that Ireland is just a short ferry ride away, you really can do some amazing exploring.

The Right Tunes

Mix things up. Everyone will soon get tired of listening to Radio 4. Allow everyone on-board to have their own tastes represented by creating their own CDs in advance or collaborating together to make a playlist. When music gets a bit much, bring a story tape for a book that everyone enjoys – or will enjoy. This is actually a fantastic way to pass time, and it won’t make anyone car sick.

Provisions For The Road

There’s nothing better than enjoying some tasty treats in the car, and taunting the designated driver by getting a little tipsy, when they can’t touch a drop. Put together a hamper of goodies, but definitely include a lot of water, so everyone can stay hydrated on the journey.

Optimum Comfort

Blankets…pillows…anything that will ease up the aches that come with spending large amounts of time in a car. Sleep through the driving spells as much as you can (as long as you aren’t the driver!).

Frequent Stops

You may think that binging the transition from one area to the next is the most time-efficient way to travel, but you really won’t be enjoying yourself that much as a result. Plan out frequent stops in interesting areas. Walk around, get some fresh air. Staying cooped up in the car for long periods of time isn’t why you signed on for this holiday. Sometimes you can make the best memories at the little, unexpected villages that you cruise through.

The Perfect Car

Don’t bring an old car that is getting a bit long in the tooth. The last thing you want is a mid-holiday break-down. There are two main options to choose from: practicality or style and speed. If you want to effectively take your home with you on this journey, but get nowhere fast, a campervan is the choice for you. However, if you want to shoot around the country in the best of style, and minimal baggage, a supermini sports car – like the new Alfa Romeo MiTo Junior – will be just the ticket.

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Saving Money

Prioritise what means the most to you. If you’d rather splurge on romantic, expensive meals by the bay, cut back on your accommodation by camping or sleeping in your car! Some parts of the UK (namely areas in Scotland) will let you put up a tent in the wild for free. Work out what’s important, and then cut back in other areas.


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