Parent’s Public Child Shaming Ends In Suicide [Video]

Teen suicide

Online public shaming by parents has been a hot topic lately. With parents punishing their kids by embarrassing them via social media, critics are debating whether this type of parenting is harmful to a child’s psyche. The most recent case seems to defend their case that public shaming needs to stop.

A teenager has committed suicide and many are blaming her father for her untimely death. Just days before 13-year-old jumped off of a highway overpass, her father posted a video of him cutting a large amount of her hair off of her head. The video was deleted quickly after Izabel Laxamana committed suicide, but her friend recorded a clip of the video.

The footage shows Laxamana standing in front of the camera. The camera pans down to the floor where clumps of hair lay. Her father is heard saying, “The consequences of getting messed up, man, you lost all that beautiful hair. Was it worth it?” Laxamana replies “No.” Her father then asks, “How many times did I warn you?” “A lot,” Izabel quietly replies.

Critics are now accusing the father of wrongdoing. A Facebook group, called Justice For Izabel, is going as far as asking that the father face criminal charges.

It is unclear whether the video played any role in her decision to commit suicide, but it does bring to light the possible negative consequences of public shaming.

This video comes after another parent posted a video that showed his opinion on publicly shaming a child. The father looks like he is going to embarrass his son by shaving his head, but before he begins he hugs his son and explains that proper parenting shouldn’t be like this.

This father’s anti-shaming video has garnered millions of views and publicized the debate of this parenting choice.

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