Stranger Buys Car For North Carolina Single Mother

man buys car for single mother

One mother is thanking a complete stranger for a huge gift.

Connie Cole recently called Carolina Auto Sales in Black Mountain, Carolina in search of a car. Unfortunately, the single mother of three was dealing with financial struggles and was trying to figure out a way to budget a vehicle.

She told local news station, WLOs about the miracle she thought would never happen.

“Because I have kids and I’ve been praying for a miracle,” she says. “It’s been really hard, my dad had to take me everywhere and he just had a knee surgery.”

Another person at the lot overheard the phone conversation and decided they needed to help Cole. The stranger approached the car lot’s owner and said to contact him if the single mother came up to the lot. He said he felt “led” to help her because of “something in her voice.”

Cole says she will never forget the amazing gift the stranger gave her. Cole says it reminds her that the “Lord is out there.”

“I thanked him several times and I cried,” she says, as she proudly stands next to her 2004 Chevy Impala.

The car lot owner, Wesley Gurley explained exactly how the charitable incident went down.

“He said if she comes in, call me. I’m gonna pray on this. If the Lord wants me to do something, I may buy her that car,” Wesley said. “And we were pretty shell shocked over it.”

Wesley decided to let the car go for the at-cost price. Connie’s dad came up with the $800 downpayment and the good samaritan shelled out the other $2,200.

Known only as David, the generous stranger says he is trying to find ways to be a good person outside of church on Sundays.

Major media outlets have since picked up the story.

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