Donutella Ooh La La! New Donut Treat Wows Aussies


It seems the world is on a roll (har har) with its donut crazes these days.

Hot on the heels of the Trinut, a brand-new donut indulgence is making quick converts of Aussies with a sweet tooth.

Say hello to the Donutella, a donut creation right from the kitchen of baker couple Mick and Basima Samia. this richer-than-rich treat is a sugar-dusted donut filled to a peak with heavenly Nutella choco-hazelnut cream. We bet this would go perfect with a hot cup of coffee.

hi everyone 🙂 #MICKS PLACE would like to take this opportunity inform you that the #Donutella was named by our #awsome customers in a competition which was held on our Facebook page , “#DONUTELLA” has since then gone nationally #Viral ,and has now been #registered under “#Micks Donuts”, We have simply no idea on how or what is happening , it has us all basically #GobSmacked 🙂 #MICKSPLACE is on #Victoria Drive in #Thomastown and is the ONLY place that sells the now #viral and #famous #orginal “#DONUTELLA”, apart from our baker in reservoir For our customers who have asked us about store supply , we are not supplying other stores as yet but are currently working a wholesale production and at the same time also trying to #digest this whole #DONUT #SITUATION 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝Thanks heaps everyone 🙂 #Donutella #TheOriginalDonutella #AskForThemByName #MICKSPLACE #micksdonuts #NutellaDonuts #NutellaSmiles #addictedToNutella #nutella #Bringingpeopletogether

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Diet? What diet?

Mick’s creation has made foodies make a beeline for Mick’s Donuts, their privately-owned cafe in Thomastown, Melbourne, Australia. At $3.00 a pop , the shop now shifts 4000 units a day, and most of the time the donuts are sold out as early as 9:30am, with some customers resorting to the pre-ordering boxes of the delectable donut online. With the level of success Mick and Basima are experiencing, we feel that they could be the next Chef Dominique Ansel!

Mick Samia, who is himself a diabetic, sneaks in a donut every now and then as he tends to his hungry customer’s desires. The orders range anywhere from two donuts, a box, or entire trays. the biggest order they’d had was 120 donuts for a birthday party.

Mick’s discovery has clearly put Victoria on the map, and customers are happy to drive far and wide just to get a taste of his baked goodies. “We get a lot of orders over the phone from everywhere, Seymour, Knox, Rowville, Port Fairy, Point Cook, Richmond, Doncaster, Dandenong,” Basima shares.

The donuts sell so fast, it’s bound to leave a number of other unlucky customers upset. One particular customer drove all the way from Seymour four an hour and a half, only to find all the donuts were sold out.

“She got upset and walked out,” Mr Samia shares. “Her husband came in and said, ‘Mate she a Nutella addict’, so I said come back Monday morning and I’ll give you a six-pack on the house, and she did.”

Will the rest of the world soon see the Donutella? Only time will tell, but until then, we’ll be keeping our tastebuds ready for it.

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