Machete Used In Fight Over Coffee


First there was a fight over breakfast sausage, now some others are fighting over coffee. What is the world coming to?

A South Philadelphia man had his fingers severed by a machete after the altercation. The 74-year-old victim confronted his neighbor about alleged car vandalism. After exchanging some words, the elderly man threw a cup of coffee on his neighbor. The neighbor then went into his house and retrieved a machete. When the man swung the machete at the 74-year-old, the blade severed two fingers and gave the man a large cut on the side of his head.

Police arrived and immediately noticed the large amount of blood in the street and a broken machete in the yard. Thankfully, another neighbor saw the attack happened and called the authorities. He was even on hand (pun intended) to give police the two fingers the man had lost. The injured man had began walking to the local hospital. Once there, he was placed in critical condition. The neighbor wielding the machete retreated back into his house. Police knocked on the door and the man answered the door covered in blood.

He was immediately taken into custody where he was treated for minor cuts. His identity has not been released yet because his charges are still pending.

The story is so bizarre, it even ended up on reddit. And you know how weird something is to get a redditor’s attention.

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