Bacon Found Guilty In Breakfast Sausage Scuffle

Bacon Mad Over Sausage

It was one of those crimes that make you scratch your head.

Police in Madison, New Jersey are dealing with a crazy breakfast fight. Police were called to a home at about 3:30 am for an assault call. Upon arriving at the home, police discovered 19-year-old Thomas Bacon has assaulted another person on the property for eating the last piece of breakfast sausage.

Bacon beat up someone over sausage. Let the irony sink in on that one.

In a news release, the Madison Police Lt. Joseph Cirella explained the unusual situation.

“Around 3:30 a.m. on May 12, Madison Police Officer Lisa Esposito was dispatched on a report of a dispute at a Main Street home.”

Bacon was arrested and charged with simple assault. He was released on bail and will need to appear in court soon to answer for his assault charges.

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