Fan Creates Amazing Duet With Jessie J [Video]

Jessie J

Singer, Jessie J took to the Internet to promote her latest single, “Flashlight.” The UK artisst recorded herself singing the song and left space on the screen for fans to insert themselves singing with her. One fan completely blew away the competition. Meet Tom Bleasby, a loyal Jessie J fan and an extremely good singer. Using the new Smule karaoke app, Bleasby recorded his duet with the singer.

“Flashlight” is featured in Pitch Perfect 2.

Bleasby’s performance has went viral and he has gotten compliments from all over the world. Many saying he is a new star that has just been discovered.

From the US to Europe to Australia, everyone has seen his duet with Jessie J.

Even Jessie J herself was floored by his performance and shared the video on her social media outlets.

Then there were those haters that said Bleasby was just lip-syncing.

Then they saw that video and shut their hater mouths. In fact, Bleasby’s is getting attention from the professional music industry. He even got an email from Beyonce’s producer. BEYONCE. QUEEN B.

It just goes to show once again how powerful Twitter really is!

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