Toddler Attempts Golf Shot Off Dad’s Head, Here’s Why Its A Bad Idea [Video]

Golf swing gone wrong

Never trust a toddler. There are basically like little drunk people, who are completely unpredictable. This father learned the hard way while playing golf with his son. The father put a golf tee in his mouth, sets the golf ball on top it. You just know this going to go wrong. The toddlers aims and…

…knocks his father right up side the head. You can even hear the plastic club hitting against his father’s skull.

You can see the toddler size up his shot. He aims perfectly, but on his swing he bends his knees. The golf club lowers right upside poor daddy’s head.

While the father is probably in a lot of pain, we can’t help but laugh. They should probably do a little more practice before trying this trick shot again.

This will make for a hilarious video to show when the toddler wins his first PGA tournament.

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