Toddler Says Goodbye To An Unlikely Friend [Video]

Unlikely Friend

Do you remember your first best friend? Deacon Ross does and now he is having to say goodbye to his very unlikely friend. The two-year-old little boy has become quite close to his neighborhood trash man. We know it sounds odd, but Ross looks forward to trash day every week. His mother says as when he hears the garbage truck coming down the street he yells, “him coming, him coming!”

“Him” is Dallas trash man, Oladele Olurunrinu. Known as O’Dee, he always has a fist bump waiting for his little buddy. The unlikely duo has built a relationship of fist bumps and child conversation. Every Friday, Ross meets him at the curb with a fist bump and a account of whatever has his attention. Remember, he is a two-year-old, so the conversations can’t get that deep.

But, here is where the bad news begins. Ross will have to say goodbye to O’Dee. With a little brother on the way, the family is moving to another house. It is a lot for a two-year-old to handle. So, Ross decided to write a letter to his dear friend.

O’Dee says he didn’t realize what an impact he has had on the little boy until they had to say goodbye.

This adorable video shows the emotional goodbye. Ross even brought him a gift.

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