Judge Makes Woman Walk 30 Miles To Make Up For Cab Fare She Ditched

So you may think it is cool to jump out of a cab and run away, not paying. You may think that makes you some kind of modern day bandit, but it really only makes you look like an asshole. And the best part is, as proven by this story, that can catch up with you and you will really have to pay for it. In this case, with more than just money. Victoria Bascom learned this the hard way this week when she bailed on a cab and was caught.

The story doesn’t end there.

While some may think a judge would make the woman pay the fine and move on, this particular judge by the name of Michael A. Cicconetti had something very different in mind. He thought maybe if she walked the actual distance, she would learn a lot more than shelling out a few bucks and walking home. Yes, the judge is making Bascom do the same 30-mile trek she took in the cab and didn’t pay, but he is making her walk it. Hoof it, as they say.

Question is, is this judge within his rights or is he going overboard with power? Many seem to be split. Some think it is the perfect punishment, and some think it is bizarre and very middle-ages. What is your take on this? Take to our comments and let us know in as vile a way as possible!


Remy Carreiro


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