Mariah Carey Slams ‘American’ Idol Calling It Fake

All rumors point to the fact that Mariah Carey is an awful person to be around. From claiming diva status about everything to always finding something to complain about, she does not have the best working reputation in Hollywood for such behavior. Well, she is about to be respected even less because it seems she has come out saying American Idol (which payed her millions, BTW) was the worst experience of her life and it is all fake, among a myriad of other ballsy accusations.


Keep in mind, she did all this on a radio show, whilst also making it VERY clear she has no intentions of doing another season. Listen honey, hate to tell you this, but after they hear all the crap you talked, they are not gonna WANT you back. Better get to practicing that weird dog whistling you call singing because we think you may need to start falling back on that again.

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Oh wait. You aren’t good at that anymore, either. Wow, you’re screwed.

Remy Carreiro


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