Man Orders Entire Room Service Menu, Earns Worst Guest Ever Title [Video]

ordering room service

One Carnival Cruise passenger and his buddies are hungry, really hungry. So, what’s a guy to do? Order the entire room service menu, of course.

The gang over at FoodBeast is behind the monstrous food order. The video begins with ringleader asking his friends what they want for dinner. Being a group of foodies, they decided to have a little bit of everything. The main guy, whose name appears to be Marc, places a call to room service. He begins listing off appetizers, then moves to entrees and side dishes. He then pauses and tells the person on the other line, “We need dessert too.” After the giant order, the guys crack some jokes about what the kitchen thinks about them. I’m pretty sure they have some choice words for these guys.

Oh, and of course they threw in a bucket of Coronas to wash it all.

As the order arrives, all of the metal containers start to attract attention. In fact, Marc invites a guy who is watching the madness into the room to enjoy some food. The guy even calls his wife to join in on the phone. Then, the video basically turns into a montage of eating.

Good times, but we don’t recommend for others to do this. Although, it is once of the quickest ways to become the most hated passenger on board.

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